If you need to report harassment, please go directly to the information desk.

Cosplayer Rules

  1. Wear a comfortable costume of your favorite anime or manga character or make one of your own. Don’t forget to read the Weapons Policy if you will have a weapon as part of your costume.

  2. Be aware that not everybody (includes parents, convention crew, and local law enforcement) are anime and manga fans, so they may question if your costume is appropriate. Unicon is a family friendly convention, so parents with young children will be present.

  3. Real weapons are NOT allowed as part of your costume.

  4. Nudity and body paint are NOT costumes. Neither is just underwear.

  5. Body suits are allowed.

  6. Unicon does not hold any responsibility if your prop or costume is damaged at the convention.

  7. The restaurants and dining areas in the area (including the hotel) all have their own dress codes as well. Shirts, shoes, and pants must be worn in all area’s food is served.

  8. If you’re asked to cover up by Unicon staff, security, or local law enforcement please comply.

  9. Shoes must be worn at all times in venues. No bare feet.

  10. Masks should be worn ONLY in the Convention Venue.

Cosplay is not consent.