ADA accommodations

Accessibility Services at Las Vegas Market

World Market Center Las Vegas is private property and not a public accommodation, although International Market Centers (IMC) works to comply with basic nondiscrimination requirements that prohibit exclusion, segregation, and unequal treatment and promote effective communication with people with hearing, vision, or speech disabilities; and other access requirements.

Service Animals
IMC recognizes that service animals are helpful to those individuals with disabilities, providing independence and improving their overall quality of life. IMC welcomes individuals and their service animal to each of our campuses; however, it is NOT our policy for individuals to bring their animals to the campus for the simple fact of companionship and comfort. Individuals who do not adhere to that which has been set forth above and whose intent it is to bend the rules for their own purpose are strongly discouraged from entering our campuses.

Drop-Off Locations
NEW!  ADA drop-off and pick-up is now located immediately adjacent to the north end of The Expo at World Market Center, on Symphony Park Avenue eastbound (next to the Taxi lanes).

This is the closest location private vehicles may access to our entrance, including Registration, and you must present your ADA placard to access this location.

Please note:  If you are arriving by Lyft or Uber and wish to be dropped at this location, you must have your ADA placard with you for access.

Scooter & Wheelchair Rental

Guests can head to  through Premier Mobility Providers to secure their scooter rentals. World Market Center is listed as a drop-off location during the transaction. Guests can also call (725) 724-9090 to book over the phone if they prefer. Credit cards will be processed online or over the phone, no cash payments will be accepted on-site.

ADA-designated parking spots are available on the lower levels of our on-site Parking Garage; these spaces fill very early each day. The next closest ADA spots are at the City of Las Vegas Promenade Place parking garage, accessible from Grand Central Parkway northbound; parking in this city garage is at posted rates.

For parking information, please visit

ADA Waiting Areas & Lines
Panel Waiting Area (Location TBA)
Photo Ops Waiting Area with seating (Location TBA)
ADA/VIP Line located at every Celebrity Booth (Location TBA)

If you are a caregiver of an attendee with a disability that needs assistance with daily activities such as communicating, eating and using the restroom, please email for a Caregiver Access Pass here