Press Application

Media Press Application

Press Passes for Unicon are being made available for the following media outlets:

  1. PRINT MEDIA: Print Media includes local newspapers, national newspapers, college newspapers, magazines, etc.
  2. TELEVISION & RADIO: TV & Radio include AM, FM, Satellite, Local TV and National TV
  3. INTERNET PRESS: Passes for Internet press will be issued on a very limited case by case basis. We have a limited amount of press passes for internet only press, making it difficult to grant passes to everyone who makes a request.In order to even be considered for internet press credentials you must fit the following criteria:The website you write for must have been active on the web for at least two years. Must have original content updated at least weekly. Websites deemed offensive or antagonistic towards our fandom, guests or the event will not be approved. Your website must have at least two verifiable social media pages with more than 5,000 followers each. Pages can be on Facebook, YouTube, Tumblr, Twitter, or Instagram. Must appear on at least page two of a Google search for your site. Soft measures such as professionalism, quality, and history.

Note: Having a press badge does not guarantee any interviews. Unicon is not responsible for setting up interviews with any celebrity guest, authors, artists, or anyone other special guests attending this event.

We value our featured guests and strive to provide a comfortable and enjoyable experience for them. We expect all those who receive press passes to also maintain this environment. If press pass holders fail to live up to this standard, Unicon reserves the right to revoke press passes for the current event as well as for future events. Please show respect not only for our featured guests but also for Unicon.

    Submission of this application does not constitute acceptance to Unicon 2021. After review of this questionnaire the Unicon team will determine whether or not a press pass will be offered.